Attendance at Warwick Bridge

Week Ending Little Turtles Sea Horses Dolphins Stingrays Barracudas School
8th September 2017 99.30% 97.50% 86.00% 99.33% 92.10% 94.85%
15th September 2017 99.35% 93.13% 98.40% 99.00% 92.14% 96.40%
Class Average 99.33% 95.32% 92.20% 99.17% 92.12% 95.63%

Important Information on Attendance

Please read the attached documents. This gives a lot of guidance, for schools and parents/carers, when it comes to looking at taking pupils out of school during term time. The document states a number of important points namely that adults have 175 days every year when they can spend time together as a family. This includes weekends and holidays. The job of Head Teacher in this respect is to prioritise attendance. The document is therefore not accepted policy.

It is for guidance only and published by the NAHT.